The next generation
education ecosystem

A cube of idea that is orbited by 3 planet, interlinking different communities

Building sustainable
digital communities
one school at a time


Building new connections

A teacher smiling at the camera standing in their classroom.

Digitize daily interactions

An administrator working with a laptop, surrounded by colleagues.

Manage multiple communities and start investing in data equity

Father and son at a table looking at a laptop.

Stay notified on relevant activities at school


Robust platform handling any situation

A form with a checkmark with a pen signing

Allow response sequencing and admin approval

A triangle on top, a square on bottom left and a circle on bottom right.

Accommodate booking requests

2 posts containers

Organize and track school announcements

A message bubble

Support complex conversations

A calendar

Track activities and share events

3 people

Join multiple groups and communities

A bar chart

Gain understanding of community interactions

A dashboard

Consolidated view of all activities

A gradient infinity loop.

Always growing.
Always at the forefront.

We are committed to constantly build new features and deploy them instantly so that schools have the latest features at all times.

A stroke through a piece of paper
No long-term contracts
A stroke through a dollar sign
No hidden fee
Two arrows pointing at the others tail and forming a circle
Lifetime updates

Design with Privacy in mind

Privacy and security is built into the foundation of Nexxus.

A blue box with an arrow pointer down placed in front of a ID card
Minimal data collection
A database surrounded by 2 blue loop that formed an X shape
No data sharing
A batch for FERPA compliance
FERPA Compliant
A panel of zero and ones with a layer of blur covering it. There's a blue lock at the front.
Full data encryption
A cloud with blue shield at the front
Secure cloud infrastructure
3 lightening bolt penetrating a 3 layer hexagon core.
Active penetration testing

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